"Attorneys and their staff do their absolute best to prepare your case for the most favorable outcome possible. But the attorney can't do it alone. The client must do their part. You are the only one who knows what went on in your home. The lawyer, the judge, the witnesses, none of them knows what you and your children deal with on a daily basis. It is your job to make sure that information gets across. Because things have to be proven in court with more than just word-of-mouth testimony, proof involves documents. Child Custody Agency is experienced in teaching YOU how to best assist your attorney, to work towards the best interest of the minor child."

-Family Law Paralegal,
Hendersonville, TN. (Client)

"Guardian Detective Agency has formed an alliance with the Child Custody Agency after utilizing their services and expertise for many of our clients. Mark and the staff at CCA have played a vital role in the timely and cost effective resolution in child custody cases we've worked. I consider the Child Custody Agency an asset and a vital component to the success for our divorce clients."

-Michael J. Sands, Investigator,
Guardian Detective Agency (Client)

"I can't thank Mark and the Child Custody Agency staff enough. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that I go to court informed, organized and confident that I have done all I can to do to protect my parental rights and keep custody of my children. My attorney stated that he would have spent over 30 hours attempting to pull this much information out of me!"

-Caroline Edwards (Client)

Losing custody of your children is absolutely devastating and can feel much like experiencing a death in the family. Can you imagine only being allowed to have contact with your children 90 days out of the year? That's what the courts call "Standard Parenting Time". The Child Custody Agency is dedicated to provide the best services possible to those parents that truly have the best interest of their children in mind and are willing to be an active participant in the process.

-Mark E. Peterson (Founder)