About the Founder

My name is Mark Peterson. I am the founder of the Child Custody Agency and also a Full Custody Father. After spending over twenty thousand dollars and countless meetings with attorneys, counselors and mediators, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to child custody issues. It was a shock to learn that all of this could have been accomplished at a significantly lower cost and a lot less wasted hours. Throughout the lengthy process, I was able to learn what really matters in child custody hearings.

Trust me when I say, You Need More Than Just A Good Attorney. You must take certain measures in to your own hands. Your attorney is your tool in the courtroom that has an expertise in legal procedure and case law, but he or she has not walked in your shoes and does not know your background. It is your job to clearly outline your case in an organized and meaningful manner. You must paint a picture of who you really are, present a well documented assessment of the current situation and provide an outline as to why you are the most suitable parent. This demonstrates why you have the "best interest of the child" in mind and that is absolutely essential for you to be the primary parent. Your child is depending on You to arm your attorney with the proper and most relevant information to succeed. You need to be informed, organized and focused. Our program is specifically designed to guide you through all of the steps necessary to assist you in these areas.

My background includes a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Science. I served as a Police Officer and Investigator in the State of Tennessee for 10 years. This was followed by a career as a Captain for a major airline during which time I also owned eight food franchises and three other concept restaurants. However, my entire focus and passion shifted when I was divorced and I was fighting for the custody of my daughter. This fueled the desire to help others in my circumstance and thus the Child Custody Agency was formed.

The road to success in a child custody battle can be very fatiguing. Personal emotion can interrupt and dilute one's ability to focus and make good decisions. We stand behind our proven techniques which will guide you through the entire process. Our job is to save you time and money by providing you with focus on the real issues that you face and assist you with organizational tools that will best serve you, your attorney and your child.

Mark E. Peterson,