Who We Are

The Child Custody Agency is a non-governmental agency that assists our clients in the process of attaining custody of their children. We provide you expertise in organizational skills and share our personal knowledge backed by our experience. The Child Custody Agency is here to help parents that do indeed have their children's best interest at heart, but need assistance with expressing themselves in an organized fashion. We have a wealth of personal knowledge and we have also developed a proven method of how to document, organize and emphasize key issues as it pertains to focusing on what is in the "best interest of the child".

How We Help

You will be provided a Child Custody Agency Manual and Workbook that consists of case law, statutes and factors pertaining to the decision making process of the courts, organizational tools, money saving tips and so much more. Our program has been reviewed by trained legal professionals. The program contains highlights as to what they feel are important as it pertains to showing the court which parent truly has the best interest of their children in mind. You will receive instruction on how to organize, document and stay focused on only the issues that matter.

How It Works

There are certain issues which the courts will examine in order to determine "Who is the best parent?", and "What is in the best interest of your child?". We will provide you a checklist along with specific guidelines which are easy to follow. Additionally, we guide you through resources that will dramatically decrease the time that your attorney will have to spend on your case. At cost of $250.00 per hour and up, you don't want to spend a lot time in front of your attorney speaking about year's worth of things which do not have any bearing on your case... Eliminate wasteful spending and let The Child Custody Agency stand on your side today.


Attorneys are legal professionals just like surgeons are medical professionals. Both are trained to not get emotionally involved. Surgeons realize that they cannot save everyone. When they lose a patient, they come out, tell the family that they are sorry and move on to the next patient. Attorneys are often no different. They will use their legal knowledge to the best of their ability. However, if you have neglected your own case, much like the patient who may have perhaps neglected his own health, there is only so much your attorney can do for you and your children. Likewise, you could end up going home without your children and your attorney must move on to the next case.